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My Webcam is a Raspberry Pi computer with a camera and is stuck to a window with the camera pointing outside. Every 5 minutes it takes a photo with the camera and uploads it to my website. You can see the webcam in action here.
The operating system is Raspian and I use the standard Raspistill camera application to capture an image from the camera. I use crontab to schedule the photo capture and upload as this is familiar to me from using unix.
I also added a RGB LED as a status indicator as when running the webcam is not connected to a monitor.

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For many years I had a webcam on my website and have used different methods of making it work. It mainly consisted of a PC or Linux Computer and a USB Camera. This was overkill for a webcam, being noisy, using more power than necessary and taking up a lot of space.
When the Raspberry Pi Camera was launched I could see an immediate use to create a webcam that would overcome all of the downfalls of my current set-up. I had already been using the Raspberry Pi so adding a camera was not too much effort.


  • Raspberry Pi Model B
  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • SD Card (16GB)
  • LM2596 DC-DC Step Down Buck Convertor
  • 20mm Round Button Suction Cup x 4
  • 2.5mm Power Socket
You also need wire and connectors for internal connections. I suggest dupont wires which can be cut and soldered on to the LED's and Buck Convertor and the other end plugged onto the Raspberry Pi Header.
Everything is available on eBay and considering the current price of later models of Raspberry Pi opt for a used original model B. I used a wired ethernet connection as this was more reliable in practice than a wireless dongle however the latter can be used if a wired connection is not practical.


Most of the setup can be done before mounting the Raspberry Pi in a case. You can power the Raspberry Pi using the USB connector and plug the Monitor into the HDMI or Composite connector. You also need a keyboard and a mouse if you will use the graphic user interface.
Set up involves downloading Raspberry PI OS from the Raspberry Pi Website and copying it to the SD card.
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