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Railway Shuttle

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For a long time I wanted to create a Railway shuttle. Essentially, this is a piece of railway track where the train moves automatically from one end to the other.

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I wanted to design a circuit to be able to move a locomotive from one end of a piece of track to the other, wait and then return. This is the shuttle in its simplest form. My design will allow for some more features, some to be added at a later date.
  • Control the speed of the locomotive with gentle acceleration and deceleration
  • Control the direction of the locomotive
  • Adjustable waiting time
  • Colour light signal at each end


Part Description Qty
IC1 PIC Microcontroller 16F88 1
IC2 78L05 5v Regulator 1
RL1 5v Relay 1
Q1, Q2 BC337 NPN Transistor 2
LD1-LD3 3mm Red LED 3
LD4-LD6 3mm Yellow LED 3
LD7-LD9 3mm Green LED 3
The choice of microcontroller is up to you. The 16F88 is a very advanced 18 pin microcontroller but is also expensive. 16F627/16F628 are pin compatible and are more affordable.


The circuit is built on a custom PCB.
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PCB Gerber Files:

C Program and Hex Files:


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