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My Dragon History

I owned a Dragon 32 in the 1980's and learnt so much about computing from it. I still have the same Dragon and most of the hardware and software that I had for it. I now also have a few new items too, including a DragonDrive (USB Disk Drive), a Dragon MMC SD card Drive, a new PSU Board and a new Supersprite FM +.

There is a big following of 1980's home computers and in the Dragon 32 in particular.

I purchased my Dragon 32 from a Dixons store located within the Savacentre store in Basildon, Essex. It was the start of my long journey with this 8-bit computer which lasts even today.

This was not the best computer available at the time but it was the one I set my heart on. I wanted a decent keyboard as I was fed up with the one on the ZX81 and I wanted one I could expand and create electronic projects for. I couldn't quite run to a BBC Micro at the time.

I played many games on the Dragon, notably Chuckie Egg and the Cuthbert series from Microdeal but my main interest was writing programs and interfacing. I wrote many programs in Basic and started to learn Assembly language. This is something I would like to start again.


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