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These pages are dedicated to my interest in computers. While still at school, home computers started becoming available and I was fortunate enough to be loaned a ZX80 by a friend. This started my passion for computers and programming. It also allowed me to experiment with interfacing computers with electronics projects.


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Sinclair ZX80
Released: 1980
CPU: Z80

My ZX80 was loaned to me and had a little pink plastic box on top that contained a circuit to convert it to a ZX81. This circuit in combination with a new ROM allowed ZX81 software to to run on it and removed the annoying pause in display when the computer was doing something.

The photograph here was taken at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.


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Sinclair ZX81
Released: 1981
CPU: Z80

My original ZX81 suffered from a keyboard failure and I created a makeshift keyboard from PCB switches. I had the original case without the keyboard and purchased two more from eBay over the years including a boxed version. After a recent test I had to use components from each to provide a single working version. It is difficult to get a usable picture from a ZX81 on a modern LCD television or monitor so a modification is required to provide the correct composite signal these monitors need. I used a simple version to test my ZX81 but I need to build a better version for a good display.

BBC Micro

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Acorn BBC Micro
Released: 1981
CPU: 6502

I have a BBC Micro Model B in my collection that was given to me by a friend. It had been heavily modified with extra memory and additional ROM space. I removed these and returned it back to as standard a condition as possible. I have a dual 51/4" disk drive for it and more recently I purchased a SD Card Drive. A while ago it suffered from the dreaded breakdown of the power supply capacitors resulting in a lot of smoke. I replaced the capacitors and the computer sprang back to life.

ZX Spectrum

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Released: 1982

I have a 48K Spectrum I purchased from eBay many years ago. I only checked it worked and never did much more with it. At some point I will set it up and take some pictures.

Dragon 32/64

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Dragon Data Ltd Dragon 32
Released: 1982
CPU: 6809

I have two Dragon 32's in my collection and a Dragon 64. My original Dragon 32 was removed from its case and put in a home made case. Many years later after my original case disappeared, I bought a non-working Dragon from eBay and restored it to a working condition using my original PCB's. Later a second Dragon was given to me by a friend along with a collection of software titles most of which I have now. Back in the 1980's I really wanted a Dragon 64 and over 30 years later I added one to my collection.

Apple IIe

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Apple IIe
Released: 1983
CPU: 6502

My Apple IIe belonged to my father-in-law.

Atari ST

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Atari ST
Released: 1985 STFM / 1991 Mega STE
CPU: 68000

When 16-bit computers replaced 8-bit in the mid 1980's I eventually moved with the times and bought an Atari 520STFM from a department store in central London. I travelled by train from Essex and underestimated how big and heavy the box was!!
Initially I thought I'd made a mistake because I struggled to comprehend a computer without a basic prompt. Yes it was a massive step up in quality of graphics and sound but writing programs was a steep learning curve. However, when I mastered basic and moved on to Hisoft Basic I was able to create applications with their own windows etc. Magic!


IBM PS1 386 PC
CPU: Intel 386SX

I have owned a few PC's since the mid 1990's starting with an IBM 386.
This was followed by a Simply Computers 486DX2 66 before moving on to build my own PC's based on Intel Pentium and later AMD Processors.
The last PC I bought and still use today is a Samsung Laptop with Intel i7 CPU.

Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi
Released: 2012

I have many examples of Raspberry Pi from the first version sold to the latest Raspberry Pi 4B.


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Released: 2014
CPU: Z80

Single board computer built from a kit based on Z80 CPU and Microsoft Basic. Uses a serial interface to communicate with a terminal emulator.

6809 Single Board Computer

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6809 SBC
Released: 2021
CPU: 68B09

Single board computer using a Motorola 6809 CPU based on the work of Grant Searle and Jeff Tranter.


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