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Started Photography Project 52

I have started a Photography Project 52 for 2023. That is, one photo each week for all 52 weeks of 2023! The theme is decided by someone else so there is no cheating. You need to take a photograph specifically for that theme and not use one you have taken before.

Project 52

Week 1 - New
"New Year, New Photo"

For this I decided on two subjects to signify "New". The first is a calendar with the month January 2023, the New Year. The second was a present I got for Christmas. I always wanted a lego photographer I could include in some close up photos. I put the two together creating a scene where the photographer is capturing a photo of tractors for the new year.

Week 2 - Windows
"Window on the Weather"

My interpretation of the theme of Windows was to show the window keeping the weather at bay.

Dancing Videos Moved

I have moved my Ballroom Dancing Videos to a separate microsite. You will find the link on the Links page and below:

Ballroom Dancing Videos

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

My aim this year is to keep the site more up to date with a monthly blog, new pages about my collection of computers, more Electronic projects and more photos.
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