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February 2023

More Project 52...

Since my last update I have added some more Project 52 photographs:

Week 3 - The Letter 'D'
I had started my holiday in Lanzarote when this weeks project was announced and decided to look for something representing the letter D. I looked at docks and many different doors when I settled on this one in a quiet side street in La Santa on the seafront. The paint is run down like a lot of buildings in the area and the paint scheme is repeated everywhere, white rendering with green doors and windows.

Week 4 - Burns Night
For this theme I wanted to create a still life photo of something Scottish but that alone was not enough for me. I looked up Robert Burns to find out more about who he was what he was famous for (apart from Auld Lang Syne) and found a song called 'A Red, Red Rose'. I added a red rose to my scene together with Scotch Whisky and lit with candles and a brief wash of torch light just to lighten the shadows a little. Canon R5 with RF 35mm f1.8 Lens.

Week 5 - Pointy
This week I was still on Holiday in Lanzarote with friends and saw this Mason Wasp land on a bush. I decided it was pointy and used an iPhone 11 Pro to capture the moment.

Week 6 - The Letter 'F'
While in London I was looking for a scene to photograph for the letter F. Near St Pauls Cathedral I noticed this sign in a restaurant that really stood out in the darkness. Canon R5 with RF 24-105 at 70mm. I also used a circular polarising filter to cut out the reflection of the window in front of the sign.

Week 7 - Valentines
This week I decided to use an old photograph from 2014. I loved this photograph of the Red Arrows as soon as I captured it and eight and a half years later I have the perfect opportunity to use it. Bournemouth Seafront Airshow, August 2014. Canon 6D with 24-105 lens at 24mm.

Week 8 - Hot
I wanted to experiment for this photograph. I had an idea to solder something, first of all a copper pipe joint but instead I settled on soldering a PCB. I used a Canon R5 camera with a 100mm RF macro lens to video the process of soldering in 8K. That way I could concentrate on soldering and afterwards I could review the video and export a frame or three. I selected a suitable frame showing smoke from the hot solder joint (mostly flux) and edited it slightly to crop back to 2x3 format and to adjust the highlights and shadows. I am pleased with how sharp the result is.
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