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April 2023

New Photos

Since my last update I have added some more photos for my Project 52:

Week 10
World Wildlife
The photograph of a Goldfinch at home on our bird feeder. Since we moved to Suffolk and put out the feeder we have regular visits from about 30 Goldfinch and they are very partial to Sunflower Heart Seeds. Canon R5, RF 100-500 + 2x Convertor.

Week 11
Famous People
My first visit to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary gave me the opportunity to see a Harris Hawk flying. I had the idea to take a picture for Project 52 by naming it after a famous person, Ethan Hawke. Canon R5, RF 100-500.

Week 12
Luck of the Irish
Tricky theme for this week. On a trip to London with my brothers I was looking for an Irish Pub or something Green. I found this banner at a pub we visited, The Turners Old Star in Tower Hamlets. Canon R5, RF 50mm f1.8.

Week 13
After varnishing a wooden bench and moving it to the garden, a dowsing of rain gave an interesting pattern. Canon R5, RF 35mm f1.8.

Week 14
On the same trip to London I looked for groups of people for this week's theme. I saw the Mural depicting the Battle of Cable Street. This was a battle to end a march organised by British Union of Fascists down Cable Street in 1936. Canon R5, RF50mm f1.8.
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