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New Photo's + Dragon PSU

A new week and a new photo for project 52. This weeks theme is 'Ecclesiastical', anything related to the church. While on a visit to the Science Museum in London I saw an exhibit in the Medical section of the Museum which consisted of three crosses. These date back from the early 1900's and are markers for the graves of patients who died in the care of psychiatric hospitals. If there were no family members to take care of the funeral they were buried in the grounds with impersonal numbers. The ones in the photograph come from St Audry's Hospital in Suffolk. Photo taken with a Canon M5.

Also added this week was a photo of the Dragon PSU board I finally got round to building. One of the items in short supply for the Dragon computers are the transformers. They have a special winding providing a dual AC voltage. This board is a replacement that uses a single 12v switch mode power supply input and provides a more powerful 5v to power more peripherals. Although the board is working and has the correct voltage outputs I have yet to try it in a Dragon. It can be used on either the Dragon 32 (-5v supply required) or the Dragon 64 (-12v supply required).

This week I have ordered two new PCB's, one for a CAN Model Railway control board and the other for a PIC Programmer for 8, 14, 18 and 20 Pin PIC Microcontrollers. It is used with the MikroE Programmer and has two push switches and three LED's for basic circuit testing.
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